Manual grinder for grinding and cleaning metal pipes

It is not very convenient to grind round metal pipes with a grinder with a grinding wheel or a flap disc. To do this, the master suggests making a hand-made grinder with your own hands, which will cope with this task much better.

As an electric drive, you can use a polishing machine or a grinder with the ability to adjust speed.

From a piece of metal pipe, it is necessary to make a ring, which will then be put on the casing of the angle grinder or a polishing machine. To this ring, the master welds the workpieces from the profile pipe.

The main stages of work

Two plates will need to be welded to a short section of the profile, in which holes must then be drilled.

The design itself consists of two “paws”. One "paw" is stationary, and the second has a swivel. You also need to drill a hole in it so that you can connect it to the plates.

Then, on a lathe, the master makes three rollers of the right diameter for the sanding belt. To facilitate the design, they can be machined from aluminum. One drive roller (mounted on the motor shaft), and the other two are mounted on the "paws".

At the last stage, two pieces of the plate are welded to the movable “paw” so that a spring can be installed. After that, painting and assembly of the entire structure is carried out.

For more information on how to make a manual grinder for grinding and cleaning steel pipes, see the video on the website.