Homemade glue gun electric screwdriver

You can make a homemade electric screwdriver out of a regular hot glue gun. This is not a toy, but a full-fledged tool that can be useful at home and in the workshop when performing minor works.

The main components for this homemade product can be bought on Aliexpress. They are not very expensive. Also, you can buy all the parts in a regular radio store.

You will need a hot glue gun, a power supply, a button, an electric motor with a long shaft, a connector for the adapter plug, a 6-pin switch, as well as a mini drill chuck and bits.

The first step is to disassemble the body of the glue gun and remove all the "insides". Then it will be necessary to prepare small pieces of wire for connecting the electric motor, switch and button.

The main stages of work

Next, you need to connect all the main components, including the power connector. Then the author modifies the case of the thermal gun a little to establish the details. Then the assembly itself is carried out - all the elements are fixed in the housing using hot-melt adhesive.

The button in this case serves to turn on the motor and turn it off when work is completed.

The switch acts as a reverse (makes it possible to switch the electric screwdriver from right to left rotation).

Then it remains only to assemble two halves of the housing, as well as install a cartridge on the shaft of the electric motor. The homemade product is ready, and you can try it in work.

For more information on how to make a homemade electric screwdriver with a glue gun, we recommend that you watch the video on the website.