How to make an original plant pot out of brick

Pots for plants can be plastic or made of concrete. But in this review, the author decided to make a pot of brick.

Do-it-yourself products are always relevant, and please the eye better than purchased ones.

Home-made pots for plants will be appropriate both in the summer cottage and in the territory of a private house. The size of the pot is up to you.

In addition to solid bricks, fragments will also be needed to make the pot. Therefore, we arm ourselves with a hammer and let “at a loss” a few bricks.

The main stages of work

The next step is to make a cone-shaped slide out of wet sand. Sandboxing skills in this case come in handy.

After that, the author kneads a liquid cement mortar (without adding sand) and pours a “milk” on a sand slide.

Next, we proceed to the finishing work - it will be necessary to revet a sand hill with bricks prepared by fragments.

The author aligns the top of the hill with a solution, making it not peaked, but truncated.

The author makes the base of the decorative pot out of brick (six pieces will be needed). We reinforce with pieces of wire and fill the middle with a solution.

Next, we install a concrete stand on the base, and on it - a bowl of fragments of brick.

The upper part of the pot (rim) is also decorated with fragments of brick. Well, that's all.

For more information on how to make an original pot for plants, see the video.