How to make liquid plastic at home

In this review, the author shows a very simple way to make liquid plastic at home.

As a feedstock, you can use a plastic case (for example, from computer or household appliances).

As containers in which liquid plastic will be prepared, it is necessary to use glass jars or plastic containers (for example, PET bottles or jars for testing).

What is liquid plastic used for? First of all, it acts as an anti-corrosion agent. However, you can use it for decorative purposes.

How to make liquid plastic

It is very easy to do. The first step will be to break the plastic blank into small pieces and place them in a glass or glass jar.

Then fill the plastic with xylene solvent for car enamels. If you use plexiglass, then you can fill it with solvent 646.

Leave the plastic in the solvent for 24 hours. Be sure to close the container with a lid so that the solvent does not weather.

To speed up the dissolution process, you can grind the plastic into powder using a rasp.

The consistency of liquid plastic can be adjusted by adding or weathering the solvent.

That is, if the mass turned out to be liquid, leave it for a while in an open container. Xylene will evaporate, the mass will thicken.

If the liquid plastic was not liquid, but rather thick, then we add the solvent to it and mix it.

For details on how to make liquid plastic at home, see the video.