"Lotus" from napkins

Want to decorate your holiday table? Or just make a romantic note for dinner? A beautiful flower from the most ordinary napkins will help you decorate the most ordinary meal. Making is not difficult and does not take much time. The availability of material purchase and its low price is also a pleasant trifle. And also you can always use wipes for their intended purpose. They are easy to get and have their former appearance. You do not have to spoil or cut it.

So, let's start with the choice of napkins. You will need 2 colors: for the base and the flower itself. I have it yellow (12 pieces) and pink (98 pieces). If they are multi-colored, it is better to choose one type of everything.
We begin to make the foundation:
1. Take a yellow napkin. And fold it diagonally.

2. Determine the middle of the upper acute angle (by eye or can be folded in half to appear hall).
3. Fold the sides to the middle (or crease). It can be clearly seen in the figure.

4. Turn over and bend the protruding parts back. It turns out something like a boat.

5. Fold again in half. We get a triangle.

6. All our parts are ready. We need such 12. We do everything at once.
7. Now we need to sew them, take a needle and thread and pierce the ends of all parts.
First, from the side where there are 2 tips.

Then from the opposite. We tighten and fix.

Now our foundation is completely ready.
The second stage is the assembly of the flower itself.
Petals are made according to the same algorithm. Reminder in the photo. You will have to be patient. Because you need 98 identical elements.

Assembling the flower itself:
1. The first row. We need a spoon or fork with a rounded end of the handle. Take the pink petal. We connect two of its ends with yellow in each other, as in the photo. Carefully push into the depths with a spoon. Next we insert another. And so on around the circle.

2. The second row is not much different from the first. Only by the fact that now you need to insert the following petals in a pink row.

3. All other rows are performed according to the same principle.

A total of 8 rows of pink petals. Just a little zeal.

To make such a flower is very simple and interesting. Good luck with the implementation.