Bracelet - stylish metal

In the arsenal of every fashionista there should be an accessory combining brutality and elegance. Typically, this effect can be achieved by mixing coarse elements, such as leather or metal, with light materials and beads. One of them is this bracelet. To create it, I needed metal hollow tubes, a narrow satin ribbon, wire, scissors, beads and accessories for fastening the lock.

I accidentally saw my metal tubes in a needlework store. For some reason I liked them, although I had absolutely no idea where to apply them.

First of all, you need to measure a piece of wire, approximately equal to 70 cm. In its middle you need to pass one tube.

Now, on each tail we string one bead.

It is better to fix the link in this way.

To do this, thread the ends of the wire through the tube to meet each other. The result is this link.

For the bracelet on my wrist I had to make 23 links.

So that when wearing the wire does not move apart, we hide the remaining ends, passing them along the return route to several links.

Well, half of the work is done.

Getting to decorating.
To begin with, using pliers on the extreme edges, we fix two rings from a metal chain and a carbine.

It is important to pay attention to the position of the hook. So that he does not cause inconvenience, it is better to arrange it like this.

We start to braid with tape. To do this, we tie a ribbon in one corner to a regular double knot.

Now we pass the tape through the tubes in this way.

When I reached the other end, I wrapped two cuts of tape on the end tube and moved in the opposite direction. Having finished the turns, we tie another knot.

Around the middle of the bracelet, on one of the tubes we tie a small piece of ribbon with a bow, having previously melted the ends with a lighter.

In the end, I got such a little thing.

The accessory is ready.