Original Christmas toys - it’s not difficult

New Year's holidays are approaching and many have already begun to put Christmas trees and decorate them with toys. In this workshop I want to share an interesting idea with you. I will teach you how to sew wonderful horses to decorate the Christmas tree. New Year 2014 will be the year of the Horse, so such Christmas tree decorations will look especially beautiful.
To make a Christmas tree toy you should have:
• Two types of fabric - one for the horse’s body, the other for the mane and tail.
• Sintepuh for stuffing toys.
• A sheet of paper to make a pattern.
• Scissors.
• Needles and thread matching fabric color.
• Pencil or pen.
• A chain, wire or thread to make a mount for the toy.

First of all, we draw the image of the future horse in order to transfer it to the fabric. We draw the mane and tail over the body, as these details will be cut separately, and they must be with a margin to sew them into the body of the horse.

Cut the pattern and apply it to the fabric. We circle the horse not exactly along the curve, but 0.5 cm backward from it.

Cut the blanks for the body, tail and mane. Each element should be two.

The mane and tail will be sewn into the body, so we sew them first. Lightly stuff them with sintepuh.

We begin to sew the details of the horse’s body.

When we reach the place of the mane, we insert the workpiece into the body and sew it up. We also sew in the tail. When the body is almost completely sewn up and only a small hole remains, we stuff the horse with a syntepuh.

Sew the remaining hole with a blind stitch. We insert a ring with a chain into the back of the horse and hang a wire hook at the end of the chain. It turns out here is such a lovely toy.

To make such a Christmas tree toy is not difficult. Such a horse can please relatives or make some toys as a gift to friends.