How to make a fan with lighting from PVC pipes

A home-made mobile stand with a fan and LED lighting is useful in a summer cottage or in a country house - for example, when there is no electricity. You can use this device in the apartment. To make such a device, you need lithium-ion batteries that can be charged (you can borrow, for example, from a faulty laptop), a 12 V light panel, a 12 V electric motor, plastic blades from any portable fan, PVC pipes with tees and junctions , a standard port for charging batteries, switches and diodes.

Device assembly process

First you need to assemble and "try on" the main frame - for this you will need six pieces of PVC pipe 12 cm long, two pieces 24 cm long, four bends (corners) and three tees. For power, you will need five working lithium-ion batteries (3 batteries each). Four batteries will go to the frame - they need to be laid together with the wires inside the pipes, and the fifth will be installed in a vertical rack.

All batteries are interconnected taking into account the polarity, the contacts are fixed by soldering. The height of the vertical rack, on which there will be tumblers, LED panels, diodes and a fan, can be any - at your discretion. By the way, the switches and the charging port for better reliability is better "put" on hot melt adhesive. For a more detailed assembly process, see the video on our website.

A fan stand with lighting made of PVC pipes (with a hidden battery) is a practical device that is useful to summer residents and residents of country houses, and everyone can make such a device.