Car Wheel Lift

If the car got stuck on the road (for example, got into a rut), and at the same time it does not have power bumpers and thresholds, then it’s very difficult to “save a drowning man” without improvised means. In this situation, a device for lifting the wheel will come to the rescue. Of course, a similar device can be bought, but a home-made option is suitable for those who want to save money.

Shock absorbers remain compressed, and due to the fact that the wheel is raised, you can put a piece of a board or a thick branch under it. For this homemade product the following materials will be required: six sections of profile pipes, three pieces of a steel plate (one thick and two thin), a long hairpin, as well as two short sections of a corner and bolts with nuts.

Manufacturing process

Two U-shaped frames must be welded from the profile pipes - the first one should be slightly smaller in size than the second. In the side pipes, we drill through holes for bolting. We weld a thick plate to the transverse jumper of the inner frame, to which you need to weld a nut with screws.

A stud is screwed into the nut, another nut is screwed onto it, onto which steel rods are welded on the sides. We put corners on them and weld to the transverse jumper of a large frame. The remaining two plates must be welded to the side profile pipes. We clean everything with a grinding disk, and the device for lifting the car wheel is completely ready.