Homemade mini chopper for peanuts and nuts

With the help of a simple home-made mini-chopper, which is easy to do with your own hands, you can quickly peel peanuts from the husks, as well as chop nuts. If you often use peanuts for cooking peanut butter or in other dishes, this homemade product will definitely come in handy.

To make a simple household mini chopper for peanuts or other nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, etc.), you will need two electric motors, a switch, a fan from the computer. The body of the device can be made from pieces of plywood.

Also, for the manufacture of a homemade mini chopper, you will need two pieces of round timber made of wood - for example, you can find a stick of suitable diameter or cut them from the old and unnecessary holder of some garden tool.

The main stages of work

In wooden rolls (after their machining) we drill a blind hole in the center, into which we press in a threaded sleeve that is suitable in diameter to the motor shaft. After that, we make the markup and twist the screws into the rolls.

From a sheet of plywood 16 mm thick, we cut out blanks for assembling the body of a mini chopper. In one side wall, you need to drill holes for installing electric motors, in the other - for bearings.

At the next stage, after installing two engines and wooden rolls, we fasten the front and rear walls of the housing onto the screws. Under the motors, a fan from the PC will be strengthened, which will blow off the peanut husk. After that, we make a receiving tray above the body.

For a detailed process of making a homemade mini chopper for peanuts and nuts for home use, see the video on our website.