Vibrated to clean small parts from rust

Various small parts (for example, metal coins, bolts, nuts, bushings, springs, etc.) are very inconvenient to clean from rust, dirt and paint with a grinder with a petal circle or using a grinder. Therefore, especially for these purposes, a home-made vibrated one that will perfectly cope with this task will come in handy.

To make it, you will need a plastic container with an abrasive (quartz sand or pebbles for an aquarium), a small piece of plywood about 20 mm thick, four springs, leather trimmings, a fan for cooling a PC system unit, as well as some other materials that can be easily found in a home workshop or buy at the store.

First of all, we cut off strips from a piece of leather, which we wrap into a roll and then insert into the springs. Then we take the computer PSU cooling fan, and drill a through hole in one of the blades. We insert a bolt into it, and on the other hand we fix it with a nut. As a result, the fan will vibrate.

The main stages of work

From the cutting of a board or plywood 20 mm thick, we cut out a square-shaped blank to which we fasten the fan casing using four long bolts with nuts. Then we install the native metal grate on the case, and we put springs with leather "gaskets" on the bolts themselves.

At the last stage, we fasten a plastic container to the wooden base, in which the parts will be cleaned from rust. Next, we make the base vibrated from plywood. We make legs of four bolts with rubber "tips".

Then it remains only to assemble all the details into a single design, install the power button and connect the wires. The detailed manufacturing process of homemade vibrated to clean small parts from rust, see the video on the site.