Automatic shutter for banner workshop

An automatic banner curtain can be a temporary or even permanent solution for wide doorways in a home workshop. When you turn on the heating devices, you can lower the curtain so as not to cool the room.

To make such a design is very simple - and for this you need a dense banner fabric (you can also use rubberized tarpaulin or other materials), a 12V motor, as well as a hollow hexagonal profile pipe.

First of all, the master cuts off the banner fabric in size. Then it winds it onto a hollow pipe of a hexagonal profile, fixing the upper part onto small self-tapping screws (“fleas”). The result is a twisted roll (drum).

The main stages of work

A piece of wide steel strip, which acts as a weighting agent, must be glued to the bottom of the banner cloth. The surface of the canvas must first be degreased. At the next stage, the brackets are mounted and the drum is installed.

Next, the master makes a protective box for the drum using OSB sheets (you can also take plywood). The assembled box must be painted. And it is advisable to choose the color of the paint for the color of the walls in the home workshop and the banner fabric itself.

At the last stage, it remains only to attach the guides on the sides so that the fabric cloth falls and rises smoothly. Guides also need to be painted.

For details on how to make an automatic curtain for a workshop from banner fabric with your own hands, we recommend that you look in the video on the website.