Universal cleaver knife from a hand saw for wood

From an old manual hacksaw for wood (saws), you can make a universal cleaver knife with your own hands, which is useful in the field: on hunting and fishing, on vacation in nature or on a hike.

The universality of this knife lies in the fact that it can be used as a file on wood (to saw off small branches), as well as a cleaver.

First of all, it will be necessary to cut out the shape of the future knife from the saw blade. For this, the master uses a grinder. At the same time, it is possible to clean the metal surface from rust by changing the cutting disc to a blade.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, the master drills two holes in the handle of the knife for attaching the plates of wood, and then hardens - heats the workpiece in the furnace red-hot, and then cools it in oil.

Then the master takes a wooden round of suitable diameter and cuts it in half along. In each half he drills two holes. Then glues the pads to the handle of the knife, and additionally fastens with rivets from a conventional building nail.

At the last stage of the work, the master finishes the handle, makes a tooth alignment and sharpen the blade. Now for such a knife it remains to sew a cover or make a sheath, and you can take it with you to "sorties" to nature.

For more information on how to make a universal cleaver knife from a hand saw for wood, you can see in the video on the website.