Do-it-yourself milling machine with a jigsaw table

In this review, the author shows how you can make a home-made milling machine with a jigsaw table with your own hands. Such a machine will be especially useful in a small room, as it saves a little space.

The frame of the machine itself (table) can be made of wood - in this case, the master uses wooden blocks and plywood. You will also need a piece of plexiglass and fasteners (screws).

First of all, the author cuts four planks of plywood and saws off four wooden blocks. In the planks, you will need to drill holes for screws.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, from the bars and planks, you need to assemble the table frame. A tabletop is made from a piece of plywood. It is necessary to fasten it to the confirmations on the frame by drilling holes for them.

In the center of the countertop, you need to cut a square "window" into which the author then inserts a piece of plexiglass. At the edges of the plexiglass, you need to drill holes to fix it on the screws.

Also, in the countertop, you need to make grooves for aluminum guides for the clamping metal strip. They are screwed onto the screws.

At the last stage, it remains only to drill holes in the plexiglass for mounting the milling cutter and a jigsaw, and install a socket under the table for connecting a power tool.

For details on how to make a milling machine with a jigsaw table with your own hands, see the video on the site.