Brazing various metals with Aliexpress

At Aliexpress there is a beautiful flux-cored wire called a welding wire. With it, you can solder not only aluminum, but almost all metals!
This three-meter wire with a melting point of 360 degrees Celsius will cost about 11 dollars 54 cents.

If you search, you can find the same wire much cheaper than the previous one: for 10 meters they ask for only 10 dollars. True, the melting point is higher here, which reaches 490 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if the first wire is suitable for thin aluminum, this thick metal will be conveniently welded.

This wire is in high demand among residents of the former USSR, apparently because many Kulibins live in them.

What is needed for soldering aluminum and other metals?

At home, you need only three things:
  1. Welding wire with Aliexpress.
  2. Gas-burner.

Soldering process step by step:

Weld fitting with the transition to the hose.

We fix the products in a vice, we take a wire and a gas cylinder with a torch.

Important! It is necessary to heat the parts to be connected, but not the wire. Therefore, light the burner and warm the parts well.

Once everything is well warmed up - touch the wire to the junction. If it spreads, then we proceed to soldering, distributing the solder evenly at the junction. If the temperature is not enough, we continue to warm.

Applying a wire along the entire length of the joints, we achieve the filling of all seams and recesses.

After the formation of a continuous seam, we allow the product to cool by itself, it is not necessary to specifically cool!

After cooling, a sealed connection was obtained, which certainly would not fall apart. Almost like real welding.

It is possible to solder with each other products not only from one metal, for example, from aluminum, but also from different metals: copper, steel, etc. So you can combine aluminum with brass, brass with brass and even brass with steel.

In principle, you can solder any metals in any combination!
Ferrous metals are soldered no worse.

The amazing strength of the joints allows you to solder even those parts in which there will then be liquid or air under high pressure!

Features of work and safety measures

The soldering process takes place at high temperatures, and therefore care must be taken when working.
Nuances of soldering aluminum:
  • Caution in work, so as not to burn yourself, as the temperature is significant, in contrast to conventional tin soldering.
  • Aluminum in its expanded state is a very flowing metal, so you need to apply the wire in very small batches.
  • Soldering parts must be stationary.
  • The soldered product must not be touched until completely cooled in natural conditions.

Such a solder wire with a flux should be for every person who likes to craft and repair something!