New Year card in eco style.

New Year is the most fabulous and kind holiday, a time of hope and merry congratulations. On this wonderful day, I want to show my special attitude to friends and loved ones. To do this, it’s enough to just make a DIY Christmas card made by yourself. With all the warmth and love, she will tell about your bright feelings.
So, to make a Christmas card in eco-style you will need:
1. Kraft paper 120-150 gr thick. A4 format.
2. Scissors, pencil, ruler.
3. Designer paper from the New Year's collection.
4. Double-sided clerical tape and glue gun.
5. Brads (a small metal jewelry).
6. Stamp, acrylic stamp block and brown ink pad.
7. Natural color raffia (special paper tape).

First, mark out a sheet of kraft paper. We measure 10cm along the short edge and draw a line along the sheet with a pencil. Then divide the long part of the sheet into 2 equal parts and bend the sheet in the middle.

Cut the sheet in half according to pencil marking. It turned out two blanks-books for postcards. The one that turned out a little wider is postponed. From the remaining, we cut out 2 rectangular parts, slightly smaller than the base of the future postcard.

We sew these 2 parts with a double line on a sewing machine. So they will look neat and complete. One of them will become the “face” of our future postcard, and the second we will stick on the inside, congratulation will be written on it. If there is no sewing machine, then you can do it manually. Such a line, as well as possible, will emphasize the individuality of our postcard.

We attach the silicone seal to the acrylic block and, using the ink pad, we print the congratulation on one of the stitched parts of the card.

Using an awl or a sharp pencil, carefully pierce a hole in the paper for decoration.

Now you can insert brads here. On the back, we bend metal tails well so that they do not puff. If you don’t have such jewelry, then use half beads that are freely sold in any sewing store.

Using double-sided tape, we glue the inside of our workpiece, paying particular attention to the edges.

Carefully, trying to do this as accurately and evenly as possible, glue it to the base.

Now we cut out 2 small squares and a rectangle from the design paper with New Year's patterns. Their sizes can be arbitrary.

With the help of scotch tape we fix ribbons from raffia on the resulting future “gifts”. From it we tie 4 small bows.

With the help of a hot gun we glue our “boxes”, so that they slightly rise. It is important to distribute them beautifully and harmoniously on a postcard. Then for each "gift" on top we glue a bow from raffia.

The result is such an interesting and stylish thing. All the materials used are natural, discreet shades, but in the compartment they create a unique eco-design of a card, which has been so popular lately.